Mrz 2003

browser with 42kb !

wohaaa… this one kicks ass! check this phatt browser for your c64 home computer…

coming soon:
8-bit Nintendo Entertainment system, PCEngine, Gameboy, Atari 8-bit, Atari Jaguar, Atari Lynx, Apple ][, VIC-20, CBM PET, Plus/4, Tandy CoCo, Sharp Wizard, Casio PocketViewer, Sega DreamCast and the Sony Playstation…

ok guys from contiki now i want the same browsing kit for my good old commodore VIC-20 (4KB Ram)… ;)

freelancer, xhtml, css, wordpress specialist, graphic & design, logo design, photographie, barcamper, android, streetart #canon5dmark3 #iphone6

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